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Welcome to! Here you will find some of the biggest and best Arkansas Quartz Crystal Specimens in the world. Take, for example, this one, which is the nicest largest cluster I have ever seen and the pride ANY museum, weighing 1,250 pounds measuring 3 feet by 3.5 feet and 32 inches tall, is $750,000.00. It is on display in the gallery in Tucson, AZ.




I live here in the Quartz Crystal Capital of the World, near Mount Ida, Arkansas. Therefore, I have access to ALL the crystals. Size and price are no object here at I am able to get you the most pristine and most expensive Arkansas Quartz Crystal Specimens in the world.


The store on this site is for those specimens which are too large, too expensive, or both, to be taken to shows, which I own or have been allowed to broker, and some are in my collection, also. I have found that most people are looking for big and CHEAP. Therefore, at my shows, I have been specializing in smaller cabinet specimens and those that are of the landscape and garden variety, which are relatively inexpensive. That is the type of material I take to shows. If you do not see it here on the website, just email me:, or,, with a description of what you are looking for and I will find some possible candidates for your pleasure. For smaller specimens, it is much easier to see me in person at a show or by appointment, as shipping has been proven to be unreliable.


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