Ok, this is the largest single Arkansas point I could find. Picture this one as the center of your medicine wheel. This one weighs a guestimated scale-tipping 250 to 300 pounds! The one pint water bottle is dwarfed by it! The measure of the entire specimen is 22″ deep x 22″ tall x 28″ long. The diameter of the point itself is over 12 inches! This is one BIG crystal. Sure, it’s NOT perfect. But, at this price, one does not GET ‘perfect’ BIG points. (add another ‘zero’, you know what I mean) The tip is dinged, but not all that bad. It’s mostly there. The sides are smooth, there is a little clarity and I saw a rainbow in the tip. I like this point. It sits very nicely on its own base, is very attractive and aesthetically pleasing. I especially like the energy of his point. It seems to have a calming effect, along with its impressiveness. If you are looking for a ‘big-as-I can-find’ point, then this is it. This one will not last long. I am (barely)able and extremely happy, to bring this one to a show for you to pick up, or, I can ship.

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Weight 275 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 28 in