Crystal Mine


Hey there, have you ever thought about going into the quartz crystal business or having your OWN crystal mine? Here is a wonderful business or investment opportunity for the right concern(s). I have associates who, for personal reasons, want to sell their US Forest Service lease agreements on their crystal mines for $17k and $60k respectively. Both are 10+ acres. The mines are noted for producing clear and milky quartz crystals and clusters, and one, most notably, ‘gas phantoms’, in some of the crystals. They are located near Washita and Jessieville, AR; if any of you are familiar with the area. The deals are for the leases only. Machinery, equipment, stock, and anything else, is optional and extra; and IS available. Again, these are wonderful business or investment opportunities for the right concern(s). To clarify: These are real bona fide hard rock mining operations. These are not ‘hand digs’. You will need MSHSA/OSHA Arkansas Surface Quartz Miner Training and Certification to operate either of these mines. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE. Sorry, but only one photo of the $60k mine is available at this time.

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